Mobile Concrete

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High-Quality Concrete On-Demand

Custom Concrete Solutions

Tailored concrete solutions to meet your construction needs, delivered right to your project site or available for rental with top-of-the-line equipment.

State-of-the-Art Concrete Plant

Equipped with a modern concrete plant ensuring high-quality concrete production meets the highest standards for durability and performance.

What Sets Us Apart

On-Demand Concrete Production

Produce high-quality concrete on-site with our mobile concrete plant and experienced operators, eliminating delays and ensuring consistent results.

Tailored Rental Options

Flexible rental options including plant rental with operators or concrete supply services with transparent quotes based on your project needs.

How It Works


Discuss project requirements and rental preferences to customize a solution fitting your budget and timeline.

Setup and Operation

Experienced operators handle plant setup and operation for seamless execution.

Production or Supply

Choose to produce concrete on-site or opt for concrete supply services based on transparent quotes.

Support and Maintenance

On standby to provide support and maintenance ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Concrete Mixer with Pump

A combination of concrete mixing and pumping for small construction projects, offers convenience, low energy consumption, and easy operation.

Key Features
  • Pumping: 50m³/h Mixing: 20m³/h
  • Horizontal pumping distance: 200m Vertical pumping distance: 50m
Pipe Specifications

A complete range of pipe specifications is available for different working conditions, ensuring efficiency and ease of installation.

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Watch videos showcasing our concrete plant in action and see the end result of the pour.

Let Zion Mobile Concrete Solutions elevate your construction projects with high-quality concrete solutions tailored to your needs.